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MICHAEL LAYCOCK - Chief Financial Officer

Michael Laycock is Chief Financial Officer of Photonz and has extensive financial and general management experience gained in banking and technology companies in New Zealand and the USA. Mr Laycock previously worked at PureDepth Inc., a research and development company that has developed patented multi-layered display technology and remains as CFO on a part time basis.  Mr Laycock joined PureDepth (a holding company in the USA with subsidiaries in New Zealand and Japan) in February 2009, transitioning the accounting function from California to Auckland. He was responsible for SEC reporting in the USA until the company deregistered in 2010. 


Mr Laycock previously worked as a senior systems development consultant for finance at the PMI Group, Inc., California. Prior to that he served 19 years at United Commercial Bank in San Francisco in management positions that included: the day to day management of the accounting and reporting areas (during a period when the company doubled in size from $3 to $6 billion), SVP & Director of Operations & Systems and SVP & Chief Auditor. Mr Laycock has a Bachelor of Commerce degree (University of Auckland) and a solid foundation in public accounting, working in both Auckland and London.



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